Think of the analogy of a window.
When the window is clean you can peer through it and see things with such clarity. The brilliance of colors, the vast detail of objects . . . it’s all so obvious when the window is as it should be – intact, clean, ready to be used.
However sometimes our windows get dirty. Over time dust and dirt build up on the window and we don’t even realize we are not seeing things as clearly as they could be. And sometimes even more than getting dirty, our windows become damaged, a rock or some object hits the window and causes it to crack. Things are not easily seen through a cracked window.
Think about the crack in the window as being our pain in life.
When our windows are clear and all is well we can see God so clearly. God’s love, faithfulness, strength, and peace are just RIGHT THERE . . . we see it, we feel it, and we know that all is well in the world.
But when our windows are dirty or cracked, God becomes more difficult to see. The view that was once so crisp and clear is now dimmed.
The great news is that even when we cannot see God we can trust that God is there. God’s love, faithfulness, and steadfastness are unwavering. So we must persevere and hold on to that faith that we are not alone and God will always be there carrying us through whatever difficult path we encounter.
Today what if we try to clean our windows a little so that we can see that God is very much there? And if we don’t have the energy to do that, what if we just rely on an inner faith that God is there?
Psalm 138:7
“Lord, even when I have trouble all around me, you will keep me alive.”