Over the next several weeks we are going to explore the concept of prayer. We will look at prayer, what it is, what it means for us and others, and hopefully we will address some ofyour ideas/questions.


We will start with learning about our stance.


What’s your stance?


Stance matters.


A while back, for a clergy leadership team development activity, we went to Top Golf.

The problem with that was I don’t play golf. And a few of the other pastors seemed like they were ready for the Master’s.


I’m competitive by nature, so if it’s a “game” like that, where there is a score, I want to do well.


First, there was the issue of trying to hit a small ball with a small metal object. After a few missed swings, I got a handle on that (sort of).


But then, there was the whole point of trying to get the ball to go in a certain direction. I was just whacking the crap out of the little white thing. It went far but not in any way where it needed to go far “to.” Think sideways, into the large net that hung underneath the platform.


Some friends thought it would be helpful if I learned how to stand. So we spent some time learning stance.


After that lesson, while I did not receive any invites to go golfing in the future, I at least hit the ball in the right direction.


Stance is important!


Our stance is the way we position ourselves.

It’s important in some sports, and also important in our life of prayer.


We’ve been taught we need to “pray” . . . that it is an act.

What if praying is more of a stance, a way of being?


“Authentic prayer is opening to God’s gracious presence with all that we are, with what Scripture summarizes as our whole heart, soul, and mind (Matthew 22:37). Therefore, prayer is more a way of being than an isolated act of doing.” (Tilden Edwards)

We think prayer is about saying words or the thoughts we think.


What if, instead, we embrace it as a life stance?


“A way of living in the Presence, living in awareness of the Presence, and even of enjoying the Presence.”


Today, I invite you to have openness and awareness as your stance.


Meaning, know God is present in all your thoughts. All your emotions. All your actions. As you exist, so does God. It is a continual connection.


Today let that awareness engulf you, know that is your prayer.


Grace and Peace,