Yesterday’s devotion was about a young “Make a wish” family and how I had to work through my courage to tell them that I had been praying for them.
I always love it when you write me with insights, questions, and feedback to the devotions.
Really!!! So please don’t hesitate to ever share your thoughts!
Someone responded to that devotion and said,
“I think sometimes we are afraid we will be rejected and that is what will sometimes makes me hesitant.”
Vulnerability is such a powerful thing. Yet, sometimes we don’t become vulnerable because we are afraid we will be hurt or look foolish.
We love to stay in control and feel as if our emotions are not going to be impacted by outside forces.
That’s no way to have a rich, meaningful life.
Dr. Brene Brown, who is a famous author and researcher on vulnerability and courage points out the following benefits that come from being vulnerable.
  • It helps build intimacy in relationships.
  • It increases self-worth.
  • It aids innovation and motivation.
  • It provokes compassion.
  • It is a call for accountability.
  • Vulnerability means less loneliness.
Vulnerability is a good thing.
What is the worst thing that could happen if we are vulnerable and we are rejected?
We process our hurt and pain and we become stronger and move on.
If we stop to think about it Jesus was vulnerable in all ways, all the time. He constantly poured out his heart and self so that others could find life. Luckily we are able to be participants in that amazing gift.
How may we be vulnerable so that someone can see Christ through us?
I dare you to be vulnerable today!