Lights will guide you home.
What is guiding you?
Friends joke with me that I am chronically or habitually late.
That isn’t something to be proud of and while for a while it seemed like a joking matter, one day someone shared with me that when someone is late it sends a message to the other person that you do not value them or their time.
Realizing that was a message I never wanted to send to folks I tried really hard to change my “chronic lateness” and became more timely.
Until . . . recently I had a 7:30 am breakfast meeting. I had wardrobe issues, hair issues, then couldn’t remember where I put my driver’s license. I ended up being like 10 minutes late and of course, there were some snarky remarks about being late. 🙂
Then, yesterday I had a lunch meeting and my friend greeted me with the words, “Well, it was only five minutes.”
I realized, yes, late AGAIN! 🙁
I made the excuse of traffic on 150. As the words were coming out of my mouth I remembered thinking, “If I could just finish this ONE MORE THING then I’ll feel so much better.”
Note – there was a lot of “I’s” in that sentence.
My lateness is because far too often I put too much focus on me.
What do I want to accomplish, what am I in the middle of . . .
That is no way to live for when I am focused too much on “I” I forget to watch that which offers love and peace. I forget to follow and connect with the light of love that shines for all to see.
Sunday the worship team sang the song Fix You by Coldplay.
There is a line in the song, “Lights will guide you home.”
We’ve been talking a lot about our valleys, the darkness that we find ourselves in the middle of. We are on the way to the cross where we can experience absolute death to self so that we fully live.
What are we guided by? Ourselves, our wants, our desires, what we think we want?
Or are we guided by the light that reminds us that by looking inward to the depths of our soul where the oneness of God resides, we will find our way home. Home – which is a sanctuary of peace.
Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.”
His light leads us to the cross which means for us the death of ourselves and our egos.
But when we allow those things to die, that is when we truly live.