As I hope you are aware, we have a campus in Kigumba, Uganda.

It is led by four young men, Dero, Mawejje, Philip, and Farid.

Despite being on the other side of the globe and all the challenges that brings, they are committed to sharing the message of Jesus in the vein of West, who we are, what we stand for, and how we stand for it.


Dero, the campus pastor, has a heart for all people, especially the marginalized, so he makes it a point to make West Church Uganda about loving others as they love God and themselves.


So this week, in the middle of the week, as an outreach they went to the hospital.

As Dero was planning this visit, he knew he didn’t have a lot of things he could take. But decided even though the physical resources weren’t as much as he’d like, he still felt called to go. If nothing else, they could share their encouragement and prayer.


Often, we think of prayer as a last resort. After we’ve done other things and there is nothing else left to do, we pray.


Prayer, if it is our state of being, our stance, our flow, is first, And primary.


Because we’ve been taught to think about it so tangibly and literally, we don’t understand how it works. Thus, we don’t engage with it as if it is a constant.


But, in just a minute I am going to click send and this email, using no physical connection, is going to be sent to hundreds of people over some type of “system” that none of us can see or use. Yet, we do it anyway.


What if our challenge is to remember that prayer is first and primary.


What if, we we think there is nothing else we can do, we pray. For others. Somehow, something happens.


We don’t have to understand it to do it.


Try to focus on one or two people today and pray for them.

It will matter!


Grace and Peace,