There are times in our lives that we have to face hard truths.
Those that we are in a relationship with do not wish to be in a relationship with us.
They have betrayed our trust.
They no longer return our love.
They simply are not the same people that we once fell in love with.
Difficult situations cause wounds and ultimately scars that often times run very deep. Scars that cover wounds are always there.
Regardless how hard we try, we are never going to avoid these difficult circumstances and the wounds/scars they bring.
BUT – we do not have to allow those wounds and scars to dictate the way we live the rest of our loves. We do not have to allow them to taint the way we see things.
We can hear the words of the Apostle Paul when he reminds us that “love believes all things.”
This does not mean being gullible and refusing to face difficult truths.
But – it does mean that in every circumstance that we face in life – we have a choice in how we see it!
We can choose to see situations and circumstances with cynicism and divisiveness, which ultimately closes off the possibility.
We can choose to “believe all things.” Which means we can try to find a way that leads to deeper faith and love. We can seek a higher and more fruitful outcome!
What if  “believing all things means to position ourselves toward the highest possible outcome in ANY and ALL situations, regardless how much they hurt. What if we strive for its actualization? If this becomes our focus then maybe our cynicism and pain won’t drive our actions. Instead – love will.