Change for the sake of change is not a “good” thing. It doesn’t benefit anyone if it isn’t just about doing things differently for no bigger purpose.
However, many changes that we COULD make WOULD actually better ourselves and this life we live!

Think about changes we could make to our lifestyles in regard to:
  • Our health
  • Our relationships
  • Our careers
  • How we care for those who may find themselves in a difficult circumstance
  • How we care for our earth
  • Our relationship with God
One of the things that mentally and emotionally strong people do is not shy away from change.
Yet, these changes are so hard to make.

Think about this for a second, how many of us are actually STILL keeping our New Year’s Resolutions????

Not me. I gave up making them because I could never seem to stick to them.
Only 8 percent of people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions, according to one commonly cited statistic.
Why? Maybe we make too many of them. Or – perhaps they are too ambitious and restrictive. We start out feeling all “gung ho” but then a few days into it we realize that the change that is needed is so large, it just isn’t feasible.
While small, incremental changes feel less “sexy” – they have a much greater chance for creating real change.
According to Dr. Roberta Anding, a registered dietician and nutrition professor at Baylor College of Medicine, moderating our resolutions could be the difference between giving up in February and creating a lasting lifestyle change.
“When resolutions are too ambitious, we struggle to change our habits, become discouraged when we fail and ultimately give up altogether.”[1]
January 1 signifies a new beginning of a new year. However, each day allows for a new beginning, thus we have a chance for a total reset!
What if we look for the changes we could and should make in our lives?