I just felt weird. I wasn’t sure what was up, but I felt weird. It was a stressful time, lots of “drama” at the school where I was teaching. A group of teachers were trying to get the assistant principal fired (for no reason other than she was a harda** and didn’t put up with a lot of crap). I was in grad school driving to ASU from Hickory daily during the summer, and somehow I had developed walking pneumonia. On top of that, though, my body just felt off. I took a pregnancy test and low and behold, there were 2 lines.

I was shocked, to be honest. My mom had me when she was 40. Other than the fact that they wanted to wait until my dad retired from the Army and was out of Vietnam, I don’t know if they wanted to be 40/48 when they had kids or not. So, I had my own anxiety about not being able to be a mom.

Nope. No issues. And I was a little shocked by the new timeline.

Shocked. Then overwhelmed.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?
Do you ever find yourself paralyzed and unable to do anything because of the vastness of what’s before you?

Undoubtedly we all wrestle with that from time to time.
Whether it is in actual tasks that we need to accomplish, goals we need to set for ourselves, or relationships that need nurture (or mending), if we can’t wrap our heads around it, it is difficult to dive in.

For just a minute, I’d like you to think about Mary, the mother of Jesus. When she found out she was pregnant, what that must have been like. She didn’t have an Amazon gift registry. Heck, they’d not yet had her bachelorette party in Nash-Vegas. It was not supposed to be here reality, but there it was.

Flash forward a few thousand-plus years. We have a beautiful story of promise amidst hurting, light in the middle of darkness, and hope that pervades all things.

How did we get from a scared teenager who felt overwhelmed to a hope, promise, and Love that has endured scrutiny, murder, and the test of time? (Love that has changed the world).

We got from point A to point B because Mary said, “Yes.”

Even when she was overwhelmed, uncertain, and terrified, ultimately she said, “Yes.”

Are you able to say, “Yes?”

Think of the possibilities that can come from that willingness.

Grace and Peace,