We really have created a place of grace. 

It was bound to happen. At some point it was inevitable that we’d let something slip.

Perhaps you’ll be disappointed (and I’ll apologize on the front end) but your pastor does use a few four letter words from time to time. I’m pretty “human” in that regard. So, my fear has always been that at some point in a worship service I’d actually let a word slip that should not be used.  

Maybe a word that describes a body of water . . . or fecal matter . . . but I was pretty sure I’d never use the worst one possible – the “f-word.” Surely I could control that word coming out of my mouth. 

But – the video we were showing . . . well, that was an “oops.” 

As soon as the “f-word” happened, if the stage could’ve opened up and just swallowed me, that would have been completely ok. 

I was not quite sure how to recover . . . so we just finished the message and then made the apology during the benediction. 

The coolest thing?
After worship . . .  so many explained that it was slip ups like that which helped them connect to their faith. 

“Andrea, I loved the commercial !!  I have a confession, that word is one of my favorite adjectives much to the dismay of my husband…I try to tone it down but I have always had a potty mouth. The commercial was thought provoking and humorous. I am so glad we are all human.” 

It was a pretty powerful realization that there DOES exist a faith community that offers grace, forgiveness, and faith. 

Thanks for not vapor-locking that we made a mistake in worship.The grace you offered us as the faith community was a most inspiring thing.  

How different would our lives be if we offered each other those three things consistently?