Unfixable means not able to be “repaired or put right.”
There are many times in our lives that we encounter situations that just seem (or prove to be) unfixable.
In our human nature, we like all things to “fit.”
We want them to work out beautifully, have happy endings, and if we have our ultimate preference, we want life to have relatively few scars.
But that isn’t life.
We get sick and there isn’t always a cure.
We have relationships that sometimes just can’t be held together.
We face financial problems that regardless of how hard we try, we can’t seem to break the cycle we are in.
We face inner battles with our fears and inadequacies and sometimes they control us instead of us controlling them.
We all have situations that are unfixable.
The great news about being surrounded and immersed in God’s love is that it includes ALL of life’s unfixables.
Death and mortality, sickness, broken relationships, financial woes, and inner demons . . . they are all part of God’s world and frankly, are inevitable.
Still, we can experience God’s presence and peace in the midst of all of the threats of life.
For nothing . . .
Neither Death
Nor Life
Neither Angels
Nor Demons
Nor the Present
Nor the Future
Not any Powers
Neither Height
Nor Depth
Nor ANYTHING else in ALL creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
What area feels unfixable and how can you turn it over to God to seek peace?