Early spring I went to start my car and nothing happened. It made a little “clicking sound” and then went completely dead. No radio, no nothing. I thought it was the battery, but I knew I hadn’t left anything “on” so I could not figure out why it would just be “dead.” (I didn’t know batteries in cars just go dead without something being “left on!”) Luckily Layne had some kind of handy-dandy car starter thing so I hooked that up, and the car started immediately.

Without hesitation, I drove to the nearest auto parts store in Troutman and explained I needed a new battery. 

The gentleman working there wanted to “test it” before he sold me a new battery, which I appreciated. He also tested some other “car something” and he concluded that the battery still had some life in it. 

“So, sir, how much is ‘some life?’”

“Well, we can’t be sure. It could crank 7 more times or 700 more times. But the bottom line is it has some life left in it.” 

He was right – the car cranked two more times that day! 

BUT . . . the next morning, leaving a meeting from the office, the car barely cranked. I drove immediately to the car place in Mooresville, purchased a new battery, and have had no problems since. 

Ultimately, things that are tested can be trusted. The question is, “how long are those results going to be true?” 

While we will never be able to always know that answer, there are certain situations we can know the results. That’s because the results are dependent on us. 

If we remain firm in our connection to God, we will ALWAYS be able to trust the results of the tests we face. No matter how drastic, difficult, or tragic our tests are, there is a feeling of inner peace and strength we can rely on that comes not from our own power/strength, but from God. 

If you don’t believe me, find someone that has lived through tragic things but also is a person of faith. Somehow, there is something mystical and divine about God that holds us together as we go “in and through” the most horrific things. 

We are never alone in the tests/temptations we face. We simply must be mindful to remain connected to the ultimate source of truth (Love) and strength. 

What source are you connected to today? 

“I also pray that you will understand the incredible greatness of God’s power for us who believe him. This is the same mighty power that raised Christ from the dead and seated him in the place of honor at God’s right hand in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 1:19-20 (NLT)

Musing Meditation– a Weekday Spiritual Guide 

Click below to watch the message relating to this “Musing Meditation” sharing insight regarding life’s tests, how we navigate them, and what happens on the other side.

“Bio Revamp”

Living Through Life’s Tests

If we become determined to cling to God, we can navigate life’s tests and temptations with confidence, strength, and moral authority.

Jesus was tested by the Devil/Evil in three ways.

  • In his humanity: Where are your areas of weakness? Where can you be attacked?

  • In his loyalty: Where is our heart?  Where is our loyalty?

  • In his identity: How many times do we find ourselves wrestling with our identity?

If we are not mindful and strong-willed, then our identities will be shaped by our tests and temptations.

Yet, we are given what we need to navigate life’s tests. Watch the video to learn more.

Watch this message. Explore how we can navigate life’s tests!