Morning Meditation – A Weekday Spiritual Guide

Usually, when we think that there’s “one thing that controls everything,” – we think of that one thing being God. Indeed, we believe that God is all-powerful, all-good, all-knowing, but as United Methodists, we also believe we are people of “free will.” That we were created to have a choice as we determine our steps in life.

But – there is one thing that controls everything!

That “thing” is our mind!

In how we process, view, and determine things that happen to our lives, the way we view the Bible controls everything, influences our prayers lives, and ultimately impacts how we view God.

And there are two ways we can understand scripture.

Way One – – – and truthfully, one of the most common ways our community views scripture:

A collection of theological abstractions and understandings of God organized into a tidy fortress called “Christian Views.”

A wallet FULL of credit cards is used to pay every bill; whip out whichever one you need at a particular time to fill a very specific need.

A weapon by which we admonish those who don’t have the good fortune of sharing our approved opinions

Or –

Way Two – – –

The living legacy of a group of people who have lived in the real world over thousands of years of their history

A diary of complexities and perplexities survived and was reflected upon by those people.

The family album carries the memories of ancestors who managed to keep their faith, hope, and love alive in a world that shocked, destroyed, and mocked them.

Way Two provides us with scripture as a beautiful resource to view our challenges, hardships, and joys! First, we can look at our “stuff” – then the “stuff” the ancient Israelites went through and understand that we aren’t alone. Just as God was there with them, God is present with us. Thus, we can pray, “Why, No, and When?” Even in our prayers of frustration and wanting things to be “done,” – God hears and fills us with that Divine Love and Peace then! Try it today!