It was an unlikely place for beautiful violin music. There was no concert hall, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, not even a school auditorium. It was a parking lot . . . the Food Lion parking lot in Troutman.
You could see people pausing (more than 6 feet apart) to listen. The gentleman standing in the corner just continued to play. It was a beautiful sound amidst anxiety, stress, isolation and loneliness.
We continue in our month of “Stay at home” . . . and frankly, many are wondering if – when this month will end.
When things begin there is a novelty about them, we find ourselves embracing the newness with a commitment to digging in and making the best of it. But after the newness wears away and the challenges are still around, we find ourselves wondering if “this” is all there is. Isn’t there more to life than this? Where is the beauty? Where is the joy?
The young man playing the violin in the parking lot permeated the silence of people’s anxieties, fears, and uncertainty for a few moments by using his gifts to convey beauty.
We can each do the same, it may just not look like playing a violin in a parking lot.
There are ways to be creative in sharing love and joy in the here and now, even amidst the uncertainties and struggles.
There is a couple, Joan and Joe Bingham, from North Morganton, the first church I served, who have started taking a banner they made saying “We Love You!” and they drive to folks’ homes and sit outside until the people see them. They are using their time to share joy. The pics on social media have been simply inspiring. They are permeating darkness with their beauty!
On Sunday we are going to explore both our individual gifts and the gifts we bring to relationships so that as we continue in the days ahead, we can each be more self-aware of “who” we are and “how” we function during adverse times. The message series will be based off of a book, Love Like That – 5 Relationship Secrets from Jesus. Each week will have a different focus point that we will be able to learn from in the days ahead. There will be concrete things we can put into practice so that we can be the best selves for one another during this difficult time. Now, more than ever, our core relationships need to be their best. It will take focus and effort on our parts, but beautiful things can come from adverse times. If we are willing to put some work in, I think we will be better for it when all this is said and done.
I hope you’ll join in on Sunday!
Until then . . . let’s each try to share some beauty in a unique way. Let’s metaphorically be that violinist in a parking lot.
Grace and Peace,