There are pathways in our lives that we really NEED to go, we just don’t want to. It seems as we look ahead into the unknown that the cost of traveling that path is far too great.
Yet, here we stand.
We stand at the beginning of the week, looking out over the road that the great healer, teacher, and grace-giver is preparing to travel.
It’s just one road. Fourteen miles long. It is a half-day’s journey through a treacherous canyon. But those things don’t ultimately matter, for it is where the road goes and the man who walks it that makes all the difference.
Mark tells us, “They were on their way up to Jerusalem, with Jesus leading the way, and the disciples were astonished, while those who followed were afraid.”
Jesus is at the front of his tribe of followers.
Nowhere else do we find Jesus at the head. He usually chose to be surrounded by people rather than out in front of them.
But this time was different . . . only one man – Jesus – was out front – like a soldier marching into battle.
He knew the path he must take. He knew the road he must travel. And he found it within himself to lead the way.
The message you and I can take away from this is that we all have paths that we do not wish to travel. The road before us is looming large. There are hurdles and burdens along the way that we cannot seem to grasp and overcome. We are tired, weary, and worn and the “finish line” seems less than ideal.
Yet – we do not have to lead the way. We follow one who led with great courage, fortitude, love, and grace. He leads so that we don’t have to.
He leads all the way into confrontations, conflict, darkness, and death. Yet – he leads and shows us that as we walk that journey we do not have to do so alone.
What road and path are you needing to take today that seems daunting?
Is it one in which you need to confess things that have been barriers in your relationships with others?
Are there hurdles in your life that are keeping you from being the man/woman God created you to be?
Are there things in your life you must give death to so that you can find new growth and life out of the ashes?
Jesus leads the way through all those things.
He set his face to Jersualem and you and I can too.