We don’t have a lot of things in our society today that are unbreakable.

I’ve heard (but have no idea if it is true) that there is a patent for a type of rubber that tires can be made of that won’t wear out . . . but that it isn’t used because it would be detrimental to the tire industry.

It is cheaper (and certainly easier) to go buy a new printer when one breaks than try to figure out how to get it fixed.

Cell phone screens crack.

Appliances stop working.

Cars break down.

Even our human physical bodies wear out.

But there is one thing that isn’t able to be broken.

That is God’s love. It is the gift of mercy.

Mercy is something more that just what God does now and then.

Father Richard Rohr says, “Mercy is who-God-is.”

The word used throughout Hebrew scripture for mercy is chesed. It means “the steadfast, enduring love which is unbreakable.”

Unbreakable . . . how amazing is that?
God made a covenant (enduring) love with humanity . . . and it is unbreakable. Or it is unbreakable at least on the part of God. We can break it from our side. But God’s love is steadfast and is written in the divine image that exists within each of us.

What if instead of beating ourselves up and holding onto the things that get in the way of our experiencing God’s love, we surrender to divine mercy?The forgiveness, grace, and love that comes with that mercy is a game changer.

It is one we can all claim today.

Unbreakable Love.