As Hal Donaldson faced decisions about what his life was ultimately going to be like, his main focus was breaking the cycle of poverty. Thus, he decided to solve that issue with education.

He became a successful journalist and at 29 was offered a trip to India to write a book on some missionaries living there.

This trip led him into an opportunity to interview Mother Teresa.

But instead of him solely interviewing her, she had some questions for him.

Questions that would change his life forever.

“Young man, what are you doing to help the poor and the suffering?”

He remarks he figured it was a bad idea to lie to Mother Terese so he answered, “Not much, actually.”

He said her words haunted him . . .

“Everyone can do something. Just do the next kind thing God puts in front of you.”

Those words changed his life. (For the rest of the story, watch Sunday’s message by clicking below).

Everyone can do something.

Just do the next kind thing.

What is that for you today?

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