There’s an exact moment when the darkness gets shorter/smaller, and the light begins to have a larger impact/presence.

That’s true scientifically and also true in our lives.

Today is the Winter Solstice.

It’s the shortest day of the year, the “darkest/longest night” of the year, and no matter where you are on planet Earth, it impacts you.

Today, folks who live in Scotland will get fewer than seven hours of daylight.

The North Pole hasn’t seen a sunrise since October and will not for a few more months.

It’s because of the tilt of the Earth.

As Earth orbits the Sun, it makes our star look like it goes up and down between the two tropics. Today, it reaches the Tropic of Capricorn.

But have you ever thought about the fact that there is an exact moment when the darkness is no longer the more dominant presence?

It happens at 10:27 pm  EST.

Then, at 10:27:01 pm EST, the light will start being more dominant than the darkness.

Our days will be longer, and the nights will be shorter.

Are you willing to have a moment where you confront the darkness in your life and allow it to be penetrated by the light?

The term “solstice” is a Latin word that translates as “the Sun is still” or “the Sun has stopped”.

But we know the sun doesn’t really “stop” . . .

The light never stops.

It keeps going. Light keeps moving, and even though the cycle will happen again after the Summer Solstice, light will always prevail.

Are you allowing the light to overpower your darkness?

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”

Grace and Peace,