In an interview with Jennifer Aniston discussing “Least likely googleable questions about Jennifer Aniston,” Jimmy Fallon asked her, “What body part do you wish was detachable?”

After a few moments and looks of confusion, she answered, “My hair!”

She’s iconic for her hair . . . back in the 90’s, and still today, you can say, “I’d like my hair to look like Jennifer Aniston” and folks know what you mean. For Aniston, to have that as “detachable” so that she could easily get to all of it, fixing it according to her liking, that was a huge draw!

If someone asked what body part you’d like to be detachable, what would your answer be? And when you detached it, what would you DO with it?

Basically, I’m guessing if we were to remove one of our body parts, we’d ultimately want to fix it, right? Take out the bad, implant it with whatever “good” would be for that particular area.

Each of us has body parts that we wish were detachable. We’d like them to be bigger/smaller, more symmetrical, more toned, less prominent . . . the description varies based on what body part we are referring to. Humans today spend a good bit of time and resources trying to care for and refine our bodies. We focus on nutrition and how to best care for our bodies physically and, there are millions of products out there that help us care for our exterior too. It seems as if you need a manual to have a skincare regime because there are so many choices available.

But what about the parts of our bodies that drive “who” we are? We can have the best physical shape ever, but not be caring spiritually for our heart, mind, and soul and really be missing out on living our best lives.

The key to a “best life” is being in tune with and aligned with Love. For us, that’s God as embodied through the person Jesus the Christ. His body in its entirety would be that which we seek to embrace and emulate.

Eyes that see with love, forgiveness, and grace.

Arms that reach OUT with compassion and acceptance.

A heart that beats with love for all people, even those different from oneself.

A brain that is willing to think of all sides of issues, not just focusing on one perspective.

Ears that hear with openness and no cynicism.

Mouths that speak words of hope and love.

How can you emulate these body parts in your own life?

Grace and Peace,