There are some dangers to not screaming out “NO” to God. When we stand in the face of tremendous life circumstances, and we don’t express the internal angst, anger, disappointment, or whatever emotion we are feeling, other things begin to happen.
No-Cat-Meme-03It is not healthy for humans to internalize negativity for long periods of time.
When we face these tremendous circumstances, we are tempted to:
  • Avoid feeling the pain by busying ourselves
  • Numb ourselves with routine
  • Anesthetize the pain with drugs, alcohol, or other things
  • Vent the anger we have internally to or at others
None of these are healthy options.
If we avoid pain by busying ourselves or numb ourselves with routine, we are just postponing the inevitable. At some point the silence will become real and we will not be ready to handle it. Or routine will become so “rote” that one day we will wake up and think, “What in the world has happened to me?”
Unfortunately we often try to kill our pain by the use of alcohol, drugs, or food.
The problem here is not only do these substances abuse our bodies when used inappropriately, it is a mere temporary fix.
Or we vent our interal anger erroneously at others. Folks that have done nothing to us are the victims of our inner turmoil. We hurt those closest to us when we misplace our intense feelings.
So, we have to find a way to deal with these circumstances that are often overwhelming.
Thus, it is not only permissible but recommended to:
  • Hold the pain
  • Feel the pain
  • Stretch ourselves out on the cross of the pain
  • Lie down in front of it and let it crash upon you
But, as we lie down in front of the pain and we let it crash down on us, it is completely permissible to use your voice as a voice of protest.
Protesting with rage and refusal with “NO” be shouted, screamed, groaned, whispered.
It is when we scream “NO” til we can’t scream it anymore that we finally come to the place where quietness pervades and then we can move from “NO” to asking why.
Psalm 34:17 says, “The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.”
Deliverance may not come how we think best . . . but when we are willing to cry, we will find that in that pain, God hears our cry and God always delivers.
Thoughts to ponder:
  • Have you ever used any of the coping techniques rather than holding and feeling the pain?
  • If so, how was that harmful to either/both you and others?
  • How did you move past displacing or repressing the pain?
  • Are you or someone you know/love having to live through tremendously difficult circumstances right now? How can you find a way to help you/them live through the pain?