The cross levels us.

No, it doesn’t “knock us down,” . . . but it levels us.

It makes us all equal.

And today, we all stand getting a glimpse of the cross. It’s off in the distance, not really looming upon us (yet), but it is still there.

We all stand glimpsing the cross as less-than-perfect people.

We’ve ALL got stuff.

Stuff that causes us to miss out on the joy that life truly brings.

So what if we tackle that “stuff?”

Today, we begin the season of Lent.

Lent is the purposeful 40-day period of sacrifice and spiritual discipline leading up to Easter.

We talk a lot about living our best life in the here and now, that ultimately if we do that, we experience the Kingdom of God in real-time.

But there’s a lot to that “living our best life now.”

It requires discipline.



We have a chance to intentionally rid ourselves of the things that clutter, taint us, and are barriers to experiencing Love in the ultimate state of perfection.

So, what are you doing for “Lent?”

What is crowding your life?

What is keeping you from being your best self?

What do you need to change?

What if we really do intentionally set out to change how we live?

Take something on?

Give something up?

In giving something up, we are opening ourselves up to The Divine.

You have some time to ponder this today . . . this evening, we will impose ashes at the West office (119A Magnolia Park Drive, Mooresville, NC). Following that, we will send out a digital meditation for you to have your own Ash Wednesday experience at home.

Whether you begin tonight or now, I hope you will begin this journey with me. As equals. All yearning for transformation.