Do you like to dance?

Scott Cooper, a brilliant artist, musician, and entrepreneur, authored many musicals that children of West and the greater community previously participated in at Christmas. As a part of this experience, I had the privilege of playing, “Mrs. Santa.” (He was Santa).

One of the musicals we did consisted of he/I doing a dance scene. The problem with that was I really have an aversion to dancing. Not because of some moral or spiritual convictions, but because I am bad at it.

In my 50+ years of a lifetime I can remember a few occasions when something took away my inhibitions, and I danced (typically at wedding receptions, therefore, you can make your own inferences here). I look back on those moments and remember not feeling awkward but instead experiencing joy and being fully present in the moment. Not worried about what others thought but instead simply being alive.

Those fleeting moments of dance included a rhythm, and thankfully a rhythm with another being, I was not “going it alone.” Else I would have found it to be completely awkward.

If you watched “Wednesday,” or are aware of the iconic dance scene, reflect on that for a moment. (Or click here to watch)

It isn’t that Wednesday’s actions are grotesque or bizarre within themselves. However, the fact that she goes rogue with her dance partner watching, that is a little unique.

I’d like to invite us to consider our relationship with The Divine as one of rhythm, a, as Thomas Merton puts it, “Cosmic Dance.”

“If we could let go of our own obsession with what we think is the meaning of it all, we might be able to hear [God’s] call and follow Him in His mysterious cosmic dance….”

Whether we like to dance or not, we are each engaged in our own personal “dance” with The Divine.

Are you aware of your dance?

Are you in tune enough to feel the ebb and flow of the music of life so that you can follow along and be fully present in what “is” instead of what “we wish would be.”

As Scott Cooper and I practiced that dance scene over and over again, I’d often get frustrated because I would forget some of the moves. Thankfully he was such a gifted and patient teacher.

“You don’t have to worry if you will just follow my lead.”

Those aren’t just Scott Cooper’s words. Those are words whispered to each of us as we participate in our own cosmic dance.

What do you need to tune out so you can hear those words issued today?

If you missed Sunday’s message and want to watch, click here.