It was my first “adult” relationship, so perhaps my emotional and relational intelligence was not quite where it should have been.

After dinner we sat at the table having great conversation about life – regrets, hopes, dreams.

His dog meandered her way into the dining room and sat by his side. As the conversation continued I noticed my date was petting his dog on the head. That seemed insignificant to me; it was a great evening, and although I’m not a “dog person,” the dog seemed to like me. 

A few minutes into the conversation I heard him say, “I just adore you.” 

I glanced up, looking at him as he patted the dog. There was an awkward silence. I assumed he was talking to the dog, yet he sat wide-eyed looking at me.

Not knowing quite what to do I asked, “Are you talking to the dog?” 

Romantic moment botched! 

As he laughed he replied, “No, I am talking to you!” 

Then the “aha moment” kicked in and I replied, “I adore you, too!” 

Adoration – it is such a beautiful thing. As we take a risk on the baby born in Bethlehem we trust that this wonder that escapes our explanation is going to manifest itself into that which is simply amazing! Yet, in order to experience that we realize we must first learn to “adore” and be “adored.” 

We have to be ready and know that adoration and the opportunity to adore is there for us! 

Walter Brueggemann describes what it means to “adore.” 

“‘Adore’ is beyond love, trust, or obey. It is an emotional rush of abandonment that gives over everything in gratitude and awe. To ‘adore’ is to abandon common sense and be silly in treasuring a new love.”

Feeling love in a new way is refreshing. It brings hope and promise to places in our souls that we have long forgotten. 

The manger may not “look” like the best place to bring our adoration but if we will arrive with that true sense of adoration . . . we might just leave feeling as if we don’t know what came over us when we experience the beauty of the eternal priceless gift of love. 

O Come – all ye faithful . . . come let us adore him.