First, I apologize for the inconsistency in Lenten meditations.

There are so many things going on . . . The Easter Event is in 1 week, and it is one of our two biggest outreach opportunities of the year! The staff has done an amazing job prepping, and you are a huge part of that – thank you for hosting trunks, donating candy, and all the parts and pieces of making Easter happen!!!!

Then, the fact that this year vs last year we are running two new campuses at full steam, Growth Co (Lexi) and West Church Uganda (Dero, Blaise, Prosper, Farid, Mawajeh, and Philip). Just a change in tempo regarding leadership and, frankly, one I am trying to get used to.

We are now filming the message in the middle of the week for our online campus so that we will no longer have technical difficulties! Great props to our worship production team, who have doubled their workload and added another day to their schedule! Yet, they get that the mission is what matters the most!

***And it has been so fun to be “with” you on Sunday mornings!!!! I love being able to be w/ you in the chat room!

Please know I am not complaining! These are THE BEST problems to have! Our growth and engagement are stronger than I can remember since we first launched! And something I give thanks to God for every day!

But – I have been inconsistent, and that drives me nuts! So, please forgive me!!!!!

Sunday, we talked about healing! I shared with you Kate Bowler and her journey!

Below you are going to find the resources associated with her! Her Ted Talk, the books, she is inspirational, a theologian (theology means the study of God), and if you spend some time in her story, I promise you will be forever changed!

Check out Kate Bowler’s Books, Podcasts, and Everything Happens for a Reason” — and other lies I’ve loved Ted Talk.

I am grateful to you!

Grateful that you see the need to be the church in Mooresville and Uganda. Starting a campus in Africa was never even a fathomable idea! I always assumed we would be missional with Acres of Hope. (And we continue to have Acres of Hope as one of our missions!) Yet now we can share the message that God loves ALL people! In all ways, in all places!

God has been in this from the beginning and continues leading us into The Light.

It’s the coolest thing ever to be a part of the journey!