In a 24 hour time span I had a visit from the Troutman police (a great way to start a reputation in a new home/town), a busted water line, deep paw prints in freshly poured cement, and a few other crisis events that are just not worth mentioning.
It was ranking up to be a STELLAR day!
After the drama finally subsided Dawn and I were brainstorming via telephone how to make Palm Sunday and Easter meaningful and relevant for you even though we can’t gather together in person.
Every year on Palm Sunday we partake of communion and we write something we need to nail to the cross and end worship in silence. As Dawn and I were talking through the options for folks that may not have nails or a place to “nail” something, I said, “Well, the bottom line is they can just all stick it somewhere.”
I couldn’t understand why Dawn was laughing until I thought through my words and realized that perhaps they weren’t communicated in the manner I intended.
Wishing you would “stick it” was not exactly my pastoral wish for a meaningful high, holy day. However, at the end of my very bad string of two days, it probably was a subconscious outpouring of some pent up frustration articulated in the wrong way.
How are you doing with your communication in our 30 day “Stay at home” order?
Feeling the love? Feeling a little claustrophobic?
I do hope you will join in on Sunday as we celebrate Palm Sunday together. It will be unique to not “be together” but as we continue to try to protect one another during these challenging times, it is what is best.
Please grab some bread, juice, a small piece of paper, pen, and a nail/hammer or thumbtack if you have one. We will walk through the events of Holy Week as we worship together.
Also, I do hope you are participating in the 30 Days of Hope w/ the “Help! Thanks! Wow!” mantra. It honestly helped me keep my stuff together this week as it seemed anything I needed to be in charge of was falling apart. 🙂
I believe that if we will meditate on “Help! Thanks! And Wow!” we can move through these next 30 days as a people of hope. Join the “30 Days of Hope” Challenge so we can spread hope and not fear. Please, share and challenge your friends and family to do the same!
Grace and Peace,