“Stay in your lane” is a pretty popular saying now. It’s in the media, we use it in our conversations . . . sometimes in jest, but there actually is some wisdom to that concept.
Have you ever ridden with someone and they keep veering off the road?
They are either just a really bad driver or they are texting/paying attention to something other than driving.
Or they keep looking over at you, trying to have a conversation and every time they look your way the car starts drifting the way he/she is looking.
Driving isn’t exactly “easy” and requires great attention on our parts.
Sometimes we end up in lanes we aren’t supposed to be in.
That’s true in an automobile and it is also true in life.
As we go through life it is so easy to get “directed” by things/toxic people that steer us in the wrong direction. If we don’t have clear guardrails then we end up veering off into dangerous territory. Once we are in that “danger zone” it is very difficult to find our way back to safe spaces.
Some new cars have this feature where if you drift over the yellow line or drift off the road, it steers you back on. Somehow the steering wheel moves on its own and the car ends up back in the center of the lane, where it is supposed to be.
As the Apostle Paul wrote to the people in Ephesus he gave some “lane staying” principles we will explore deeper this week.
Live life wisely.
Take advantage of every opportunity.
Don’t be ignorant, but listen to the voice of Love/God.
If we embrace these three things, we’ll live life completely in the middle of the road, not causing too many dents in our guardrails.
Let’s think about how we can do these three things this week.
Grace and Peace,
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