As followers of Jesus, we believe we have power in us through the Holy Spirit that enables us to do what is seemingly impossible.

So, as we make conscious decisions to stop negative thinking, let’s channel the power of God within us and start naming and claiming the good.

Let’s claim it!

Read each of these below. Recognizing which are you are most vulnerable to, claim the mantra and use it to help you overcome the negative thinking.

Be the best version of yourself that you are created to be.


Using the power of God, instead of believing the worst in people, I will choose to offer love.

Negative Thinking

With the power God has given me, instead of thinking the worst, I choose to believe what is true, good, and full of hope.

I will choose to see what love is in my life.

Absolute Thinking    

Using the same grace that God has given me, rather than always being right or making a point, I will choose to offer humility, see others for who they are (people of Love), and will offer love, grace, and forgiveness.


With Godlike clarity, I will choose to own my stuff. God has given me all that I need to overcome all things. There is no blame, only grace.

Grace and Peace,