Today, know that you make a difference.

Here, locally!

You were a leading part in the Back to School Bash where over 850 students were served with new backpacks, school supplies, and tennis shoes . . . it was an amazing day! Hayden and Nola Stanley did a great job leading our community event, and the powerful stories from the guests reminded us that what we do matters!

You can watch the Bash video by clicking on the image below this article! It’s worth your time!!!!!  THANK YOU for making it possible!

Then, Monday . . . after a beautiful weekend of worship (their first public gathering), our leaders in Uganda were robbed. We sent a churchwide email asking for monetary assistance so we can help them acquire the items that were stolen, and you responded so generously! THANK YOU!!!!!

Dero shared his message for this weekend’s worship with me, asking for feedback, coaching, etc. As I read his beautiful words, it was easy to see how amazing you are as a faith community. A group of people/place that loves all people and isn’t afraid to love – even on the other side of the world.

YOU are making a difference. Check out these words from a young man who’s never been to Preaching 101 or taken any seminary class, etc. He’s clearly called to ministry, and you are making that possible.  (I did not edit for spelling, etc., because I want you to see Dero’s words… within his culture and context! They are beautiful!



DATE: 23rd/July/2022.

TIME : 2:00PM.

The Storm Is There For While .

Bible Verse ( Mark 4 : 35-41)

The story of the storm against The Disciples and Jesus.

We also go  ahead to look at the Story of “JOB” .

HELLO, i hope we all had a great week , you know it was a tough one on me and my brothers you know Sunday morning I traveled back to Kampala just because we had to visit a cousin in school , we came back home only to realize someone had broken in the house and stolen all our computers and some other handset gadgets.

This was very frustrating and very heartbreaking you know I felt like I was the most affected by this whole scenario, so as I felt so bad you know I requested Pastor Andrea to help and share with me a message of hope and courage, you know we used some of these equipment to organize for the fellowship and this was a very big set back, but guess what ?


(Mark 4: 35-41)

We see how Jesus Christ asks his disciples have you  no faith ?

Well this where we all should see this as a turning point in all our lives to make our stand in faith and always believe and know that in  whichever storm we are facing in our lives no matter how strong , no matter how much it tries to put you down never give in for it would own you , and this pushes us you to always give thanks , this one also put a smile on my face it was another encouragement from pastor Andrea, where she points out on How Apostle Paul encouraged us to always give thanks .

Look at the story of “JOB”

He went through all trials and the worst of infections but he was loyal to God and never stopped believing in him and had faith and hoped for better.

I know we have all sorts of Storms that affect our lives: Loss of Jobs , No school fees , Shortage of meals ,loss of loved ones ,Depression,Loneliness .


What do you ask God to teach you in such situations?

But the best way we beat all these is by having faith  in Jesus , because eventually the storms become no more and we get all we have prayed for .

Grace and Love

Derick Keronga

No-Limits fellowship.