Happy Friday!

So . . . Sunday is Mother’s Day.

And as we approach it, I invite us to ponder it for just a few minutes.

I wrestle with highlighting that holiday in the church for so many reasons.

Not everyone has or had an “amazing mom,” their mom wrestled with her own “stuff” and was unable to provide a picture-perfect family. So, for many that day brings memories of pain and regret.

Some moms have children that have experienced difficult pathways in life, and on Mother’s Day, they grieve the absence of their child. It is anything but a “happy” Mother’s Day.

Some have experienced the death of their mom and the day is marked with grief. Others have experienced the death of a child and their day is marked with the pain of absence.

Others wrestle with wanting to be a mom and because of reasons beyond their control, they have not been able to become a mother. The pain of dreams unfulfilled weighs in their hearts.

And lastly, we live in a society where we honor all relationships.

What about the single dad who raised multiple children without the presence of a female?

Or – what about the families that have two male figures? How do those children feel when everything is about “Mother’s Day,” yet they have two dads? Odds are they feel “lesser than.”

It’s also a great day for many, so I’m not trying to be a downer. I merely want us to remember that for everyone, it is not just this “amazing” day. So I hesitate to make it the focus of worship.

Yet, we assume some natural characteristics when we think of the ideal mother.

And . . . I hope you are sitting down, but God is more than a father. God also is our mother. (Remember, God is genderless and beyond human words/capability of understanding.)

There are characteristics of mothers that are absolutely characteristics of God.

Sunday we will be talking about that! And – frankly, I am SO EXCITED to be able to talk to all of you at one time (if you are worshiping live – either online or in person!) And then we will be able to offer solid content/delivery to our online community.

Until then, have a great weekend!

Grace and Peace,