I received this from a friend and colleague. It’s so powerful and so timely. 

As you read it, take time to pause at each line and really let these words resonate with you.

This is the “Preposterous Promise.”  

Brennan Manning, in Reflections for Ragamuffins.  

“Christmas is the promise that the God who came in history and comes daily in mystery will one day come in glory. 

God is saying in Jesus that in the end everything will be all right. 

Nothing can harm you permanently, 

no suffering is irrevocable, 

no loss is lasting, 

no defeat more than transitory, 

no disappointment is conclusive. 

Jesus did not deny the reality of suffering, discouragement, disappointment, frustration, and death; he simply stated that the Father’s ( God’s) love is so prodigal, that no evil could possibly resist it.”

Each of these statements are so powerful within themselves. 

What if we embrace the ideat that nothing can harm us permanently? No matter how bad it hurts right now, we can know that nothing can harm us permanently. 

No disappointment is conclusive. 

Powerful stuff. 

Can you allow yourself to embrace it?