Morning Meditation – A Weekday Spiritual Guide

Who doesn’t like a “one size fits all?”

Truth, we only like it when it fits.

Prayer, spirituality, and faith are not one size fits all.

For Halloween, we wanted Axel (our German Shepherd) to be Batman.

He has the coolest “bat” ears, and if you catch him from behind when he isn’t scared of something, his ears are at perfect attention.

He does look like “Batman!” With Axel as Batman, I would be Catwoman, and we’d be the perfect team.

Halloween costumes are NOT my thing. So months ago, I picked up a skirt from Walmart that was supposed to be “one size fits all.” A picture of a “Catwoman was on the front,” so I assumed it would be perfect. But, of course, I didn’t think to try it on until a few hours before our Halloween event.

“One Size Fits All” typically means it’s going to run large so that most of humanity can “fit.”


While it fits in girth, the length was more than questionable.

I had to find shorts to wear underneath so that I was not arrested for indecent public exposure.

Too often, we treat prayer as a “one size fits all” idea and concept. We have expectations that prayers should give us what we want. If that doesn’t happen, then God must not be listening, or we must have done something wrong that is causing our prayers to go unanswered.

Spirituality, faith, and God do not work as a giant vending machine where we go up, pick exactly what we want, put in some currency (good works), and then, VIOLA!!!!! The perfect outcome emerges! Instead, prayer is a connection to The Divine that resides in each of us.

The Divine/God that provides us with tools needed to journey through life, encountering and persevering through whatever circumstances life throws our way.

Connecting to God through prayer provides us with peace, wisdom, and strength. Not just magic answers and immediate departure from current circumstances.

Rather than approaching prayer as a vending machine experience, what if we pursue prayer as something that changes us from within? For the better? Changes our beliefs, our perspectives, our abilities. Let’s try that today!