Words matter!

Sometimes we use too many!

One of my biggest growing edges when I started leading West was to learn to communicate in a “non-Andrea” manner!

I write like I talk/preach/teach. Which sometimes is not a bad thing . . .  however, not if you were on the finance team.


I’m a communicator at heart . . . so words matter.  Every. Single. Word.

And I am sometimes gifted at using A LOT OF THEM AT ONCEwhile trying to make a point!


While that may be ok for some written communication . . . try being on a leadership team where I’m communicating about finances and oh – there goes such a cute kitten – and they have to follow my “logic” along with all the “fluff” or “rabbit trails.”


My emails would be pages long and I feel certain (although no one would ever want to hurt my feelings by telling me so bluntly) . . . I feel certain it was almost impossible to find the meaning in the emails.


It is difficult to follow my train of thought when I use too many words. Being succinct is something I continually work on! I now use bullet points, bold font, short and concise sentences.


I’ve made some progress but have a ways to go!


One of the best lessons I learned was you do not have to necessarily use A LOT of words to make a point! Sometimes short and sweet communicates the message just as effectively.


The word “O” is one of those words that although short (one of the shortest words ever), it contains SUCH a punch!


It can express anything from regret to absolute exhilaration!

How amazing is that – that one word can communicate so many different things?


“O” can be in AWE of something, “O! How AMAZING!!!!”

Or it might be gratitude as a result of someone’s generosity. “O! Thank you SO MUCH!”

It might be relief. “O! Thank goodness I found you, I was so worried!”

It might be surprise. “O! I didn’t know you were standing there!”

It might be agony. “O! I am so sorry to hear about the death of your friend!”
No matter what – though, in each instance the word “O” conveyed something full of meaning, passion, and intensity.


That is why “O” is a word beneficial to use when we are calling upon God.

“O God . . .”

The phrase alone conveys passion . . . even if it goes on to be passion of an agonizing sort.


Ponder these verses and feel the emotion with the word “O.”


Psalm 8:1

“O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! who hast set thy glory above the heavens.”



Or in Psalm 34:

‘O taste and see that the Lord is good;
    happy are those who take refuge in him.
O fear the Lord, you his holy ones,
    for those who fear him have no want”



Thoughts to Ponder:

When you think of the word “O” – what immediately jumps in your mind?

When you utter the word “O” . . . how can you use it to give praise and communicate joy?