Hopefully, by now you’ve received your “Faith Infusion Box.”

Inside the box, you’ll find a balloon.

Sunday, in in-person worship, I encouraged you to blow up your balloon, rub it vigorously against your hair and then put it up against your clothing, noting that it would “stick.”

Unfortunately, this was one of those times when I should have “practiced” the example before time to “execute” the example. I’ve done that balloon experiment tons of times and it’s always worked. So why in the world, when I’m standing up in front of people, did it fail? No matter what, it just wouldn’t stick.

After worship was over I was told that I didn’t rub the balloon against my hair long enough for the static electricity magic to happen.

“Not everything is instantaneous like you want it to be!”

They are right – not everything is instant . . . but the good news? Prayer is!

Yesterday you were encouraged to simply announce your willingness, your openness to being “in the moment” with God.

Today, the encouragement is to recognize that you don’t have to wait for God to be present because God already is. God lies within all things . . . and is in every single moment.

“God is always coming to you in the Sacrament of the Present Moment. Meet and receive God there with gratitude in that sacrament; however unexpected its outward form may be receive God in every sight and sound, joy, pain, opportunity, and sacrifice.”

(Evelyn Underhill)

What can you receive God in today?

What sight?

What sound?

What joy?

What pain?

What opportunity?

What sacrifice?

Connect with God in the sacredness of the moment today!

Grace and Peace,