The peace that transcends our understanding . . . .
Is there really such a thing?
There’s no doubt that when we are in the middle of whatever challenges we are facing, we probably don’t feel “the peace.” In fact, it is probably anything but peaceful!
When will this situation find resolve?
Will I ever be able to stop worrying about it?
Why do these things keep happening to me?
One of the powerful gifts of the Christmas story is that Jesus, God with us, was both fully human and fully divine. Fully God, giving us tangible ways of viewing the very nature of God. But also so totally human that we can look at and identify with him throughout our very human journeys.
Jesus wrestled with having peace.
Remember the garden scene?
When he was in the Garden of Gethsemane on the night before his crucifixion, the absolute last thing Jesus felt was peace.
He was in deep anguish, the kind that suffocates your soul and makes you feel as if you are drowning, about the suffering he was going to endure the next day. In fact, he was in such distress over his crucifixion that blood seeped from his face (or sweat, depending on the interpretation of the passage).
Jesus asked God repeatedly to remove the cup of wrath that was about to be poured out upon him.
How can Jesus, God with us, fully divine, lying facedown in the dirt, be in line with experiencing the peace that passes all understanding?
Where was his serenity?
Where was his inner calm amidst the storm?
Maybe that “peace that transcends all understanding” is more than just a feeling.
The peace that surpasses our understanding is a strong, resolute faith and confidence, that no matter what circumstances we encounter, God is faithful, God is good.
God – with us – provides a way for us through the difficult circumstances that are anything but peaceful!
We see through the story of Jesus that in the end, even though it is not a peaceful situation, Love wins.
“Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit.”
With those words – he died.
He moved from anguish to a place of peace.
Where can you claim a peaceful foundation today?