Monday did not go at all as I had planned!

With weather that makes us feel as if we’ve all moved to Seattle, I’d planned on plopping myself in a chair and working on Lenten devotions/messages and thank you notes to the folks that have so graciously supported West financially over the past year.

There were a few dirty dishes left in the sink from Sunday night’s dinner so I decided I’d throw those in the dishwasher quickly, then make a few phone calls, and then dig into my day.

Part of those dirty dishes was some asparagus ends.

Having a “garbage disposal” – I thought nothing of pushing those few ends down the drain, turning it on, and assuming that all would be well!

Just a few seconds after I flipped the switch, green gunk was flying all over my kitchen. It was something out of an exorcism movie. Quickly I flipped it off, trying to dig out whatever the “issue” was, and then turned it on again. It only got worse! Now water was backing up my sink drain and little chunks of asparagus were flying onto the counters, cabinets, etc.

Not having time to deal with asparagus drama, I googled “someone to fix a garbage disposal NOW,” found a company, and made the appointment. A few hours later, with new disposal in place and a nice conversation with some new plumbers, I was content that all would be fine.

It was until 11 pm. When I turned on the dishwasher. A few minutes later I walked through the kitchen only to see water trailing over the floor and the dishwasher making a horrific noise.

I took out the filter, trying to see if asparagus had made its way to the drain. No luck there. Finally, I googled, “Why won’t dishwasher drain after getting new garbage disposal?”

YouTube is a godsend. I found the perfect remedy! You are supposed to disconnect the “Drain plug” and it is a common mistake when installing new disposals.

Convincing myself that because I had a “doctorate degree” I could fix this all by myself, I grabbed some tools and set to work. Never-mind that the “doctorate degree” has nothing to do with mechanical items, plumbing, or home repairs.

Things were progressing . . . slowly, but still – progressing when I decided to try one more YouTube video.

This video had pictures of what I needed to do to address the problem.

It mentioned words like “flip the electrical breaker, disconnect the power cord, and electrocution.”

With the realization that I did none of the first two things and the third thing might be SOON in my future, I decided, “I am not gifted or called to be fixing my disposal. Even though I could SEE that drain plug still in there and I KNOW that is the problem, it is time for me to let it go. I need to go to bed because the next few days are crazy busy. I need to RELAX!”

That’s a tough pill to swallow sometimes. That we need to give up whatever idea we have and let it go so that we can experience inner peace.

But – it is important to come to terms with the fact that sometimes we just don’t have what it takes to accomplish certain things.

Sometimes we need to “let go” so that all will be well. We need to trust that God will work in and through all things.

Rick Warren came up with an acronym for “resting” and letting go. This is amended slightly to fix our context, but I hope we will all be mindful of following these principles. (in the meantime, I’ll be mindful about calling the plumbing company back to fix the issue of the standing water in the dishwasher!)

Will you commit to relaxing and letting go today?


Remember my value to God

 Enjoy what I already have

 Limit work and create healthy boundaries

 Adjust my values

eXchange my restlessness for the inner peace that is of and from God

-amended from idea by Rick Warren

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Time to Look In the Mirror/Finding Out Who You Really Are

When we understand what Christ does for us and will do, we can learn to rest, let our guard down, let go of the things that bring us stress and pain, and live in the goodness of God.

Why are we so resistant to rest?

It’s important to recognize this so that we can change it.

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