Last week an electric transformer in Troutman blew and parts of Troutman were out of power for 8 hours. It was right as the workday was set to begin so that greatly hindered some pretty important situations for people.

The impact of that blow out was huge because the transformer was essential.

A transformer is an electrical apparatus designed to convert alternating current from one voltage to another. It can be designed to “step up” or “step down” voltages . . . and not only are they essential with power/energy, they are much needed in our own personal lives.

Richard Rohr recently had a meditation about transforming our suffering. He said, “If we do not transform our pain, we always transmit it.” He shared the following analogy and it speaks volumes to us.

Most of us are like electric wires. What comes in goes right back out.

When someone snaps at us or is harsh with words or actions, we are harsh right back.

Most of us pass on the exact same energy that is given to us.

And in all times, but especially now as we all are struggling with the state of our world, we are in need of transformation. The last thing we need to do is pass the same energy on to others.

Our world stands in need of transformation.

So what if we acted as if we had a transformer in our lives?

What if, when others give us negative energy, instead of giving it right back we hold it?

We take that negative energy internally, hold it, process it, and transform it.

We change it from negative to positive.

And then the way we respond is a 180 degree turn from how we were treated.

Think about the change that could begin.

“That is what Jesus did: he did not return the negative energy directed at him—not during his life nor when he hung on the cross. He held it inside and made it into something much better. That is how “he took away the sin of the world.” He refused to pass it on!”

Father Rohr says our world will not become new until we do the same. Until we refuse to pass it on.

Here is a challenge for today:

When you are given negative energy, instead of passing it onward, transform it.

Become a transformer.

It is desperately needed today!