It’s easy to miss the mark when we can’t see where we are headed. 

Last week I had the rare privilege to interview a German woman whose first childhood memory was of her home being bombed, the entire apartment building being destroyed, and her mother screaming for her brother, whom they couldn’t initially find. After locating him underneath a man who was killed by a falling window, they ran outside and she vividly remembers the fighter jets flying overhead shooting at them. 

The first time I met her, I was so influenced by her faith, wisdom, grace, and love, I knew you would benefit from her story!! It was inspirational, humbling, and so full of thought/wisdom, I’ve been searching for an opportunity to travel to Ohio to interview her. I’m already so excited to share her story in a new series after Easter! It was a rare opportunity and one that forever shaped me! 

HOWEVER . . . . getting there shaped me, too! Just in a very different way!

We took the gargantuan dog that is afraid of leaves blowing in the air. We didn’t want him to go through “separation anxiety” so soon in the adoption process.

Just a small memo (that maybe you already know!) Oftentimes just having the “address” of a location is not enough to find it. Especially at 8:30 pm, in the dark, on a single-lane paved road in the heart of farmland, Ohio. We drove past 610, 619, then 721 of “Ohio Blvd.” and there was no 629 to be found. Literally. We’d seen all the houses on this tiny road, there were none that looked like the picture on VRBO, and I had no idea what to do. 

Seeing a little gravel driveway off to the side, I concluded it had to be “the house” since it was the only option left. We got to the top of the hill, multiple farming tractors around, and realized it was not the right spot. BUT – that realization didn’t come until AFTER we let Axel out to walk around and do what dogs do when they’ve been sequestered for a few hours.

I went back to the VRBO email and there at the VERY BOTTOM in TINY PRINT were instructions on “what to do when you can’t find the house.” I TOTALLY missed the mark on that little adventure. Not paying attention to ALL the details, etc. One day I WILL learn – it’s all in the details! 🙂 

We were QUITE lucky that the residents of that property weren’t out with flashlights trying to see what the raucous was all about. 

Luckily the email tiny print gave clear instructions. “Don’t worry if you feel like you’ve gone too far. It is the last home on the road. Drive until you can’t drive anymore.” 

Sometimes we don’t realize we’ve missed the mark until we are exasperated and don’t know which way to go! It is at that point we realize we have to do some “turning around” so that we can find the right way. 

Yesterday we talked about missing the mark, what the mark is, and what to do when we are trying to find our way. If you missed the message, I invite you to click below to check it out. 

Where do you need to “turn around” this week? Maybe there are some lessons for each of us in the “details” of our lives. I invite you to explore those details this week!

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