Your Local Dive

In a time when “church” often is irrelevant, hypocritical, and offers no real pathways to help our lives be better, West Church LKN seeks to be relevant, non-threatening, and focused on two main things – people and Love. In this series we explore what West Church LKN is all about, from our mission statement to the 6 core values. Engage in this series and find out that “church” really can be different from the negative stereotypes that exist towards “institutional religion.”

Growth Co.

Faith-infused experience for 20's and 30's. Safe space to explore spirituality. New way of ministry for millennials & Gen-Z.

Next Steps

Where do your shoes take you? Do you take each step with a purpose? How can we take the next steps in our faith journey?

Seeking to Be Transformed

What does transformation mean to you? What are the steps to being transformed spiritually? What parts of me are affected by transformation?

Infinitely Changing

Take a look as we explore our 4th core value: Infinitely Changing. It isn’t just about the church, it’s more about what we hope is happening and will happen in us. The “changing” of our minds.

Relevant for Today

Is church relevant for today's society? Does the Bible apply to us today? How is the church relevant in this society?

Mission & Vision

West Church LKN's new mission statement: Real People. Doing Real Life. Sharing God's Love in Real Ways. How can you share Love to ALL people in real ways?