Would You Date You?

Ponder the question “Would you date you?” We are going to explore that question in the context of our own self-image. We hope you come away with a healthy introspection about yourself. The “Would You Date You” message series hopes to create a new understanding of who we are and how we are wired. We will tie psychology, spirituality, and Christianity all together using a study by Carl Yung and New Testament scripture.

Real and Fake: which wOuld yOu chOOse?

Join Pastors Andrea and Lexi as they play "The Dating Game" ... answering questions submitted by West followers as their "real" and "fake" selves. The answers are both entertaining and spiritually enlightening.

A Date with Myself

Pastor Andrea has an enlightening Valentine's Day ... with herself. Though conversations with her "wine steward" and recollections of her failed date she explores her "shadow side" and gives us all ways to look at ourselves with new eyes.