Twists and Turns

Life Lessons learned from the hit series Wednesday:  Parallelled with faith and spiritual lessons learned from the rebel, outcast Jesus.  Jesus – the original outcast who changed the world. 

Stopping to Stare

As we are in our own journeys of Holy Week, may we ask ourselves the question, “Do we live in such a way that others would stop and stare?”

Drawing the Line

Where do you draw your line? In work, in relationships, in life, in spirituality? Check out Sunday's message about how/when/where we draw the line in our lives!


The scene from Wednesday mentioned in the message can be found here: The video clip about Kate Bowler mentioned in the message can be found here:


What is keeping you from living life to its fullest? What demon is holding you back? Let’s identify it and then claim the power of Christ to address it and then destroy it.

Love Gives It All

“If trouble means standing up to lies, decades of discrimination, centuries of treating outcasts like second-class citizens or worse…” ---Wednesday Addams in "Wednesday" OR . . . seems like something Jesus would say. Today we talk about "The Outcasts" .