Regardless of how bad things may be, new stories are waiting to take hold.  We are called to work with God to create that new story.

This requires being people of courage and discipline. Unflinching in the face of uncertainty. We lay claim to becoming people of:

  • vision in place of convenience
  • accountability in place of disregard
  • self-giving love in place of self-centered fear . . .
  • collaboration in place of consumption
  • wisdom in place of progress
  • moderation in place of excess

God dreams that we as humanity will seek wholeness and love, not anger and hate. God’s dream envisions a just world at peace because gratitude has dissolved anxiety and generosity has eclipsed greed.

God dreams of a time when love and mutual respect will be that which binds humanity together. When this happens the profound beauty of creation will be treasured.

May we each claim and make God’s dream our own. Then, the horizon of our hope will come near.

We will rediscover who we truly are and when we do that, all of creation will sing.