The Karens and Chads

Sometimes in life we encounter difficult people. There’s no reasoning, no logic, and relationships with them simply seem impossible. Learn how to deal with difficult relationships at West Church LKN in our series “The Karens and Chads”! Start off the new year with helpful insight on productive conversations, practicing empathy, and dealing with people when “mean” seems to be a defining word. Join us Sundays in January at 9 AM via or in-person at 10 AM at Lake Norman High.

There is No Traffic on the High Road

Watch this message as we continue our series "The Karens and Chads". Resolving conflict always costs us something. How hard is it for you to take the high road? "Don't sacrifice your peace trying to point out someone's true colors. Lack of character always reveals itself in the end." -Mandy Hale

Kill Them With Kindness… Then Fart

Watch this week's message in our series about mean people "The Karens and Chads". Kill them with kindness...then fart. It's in our moments of pain that we seek revenge. The meaner someone is to us, the brighter our lights have to shine. "When all this is done and it is nothing but a story to tell, what do you want your story to be?" -Andy Stanley West Church | Mooresville, Lake Norman, North Carolina Pastor Andrea Smith

I Want To Speak To the Manager!

Join West Church LKN for our message series "The Karens and Chads"! We all encounter mean people in our lives. They have no regard for your feelings, they target your areas of vulnerability, and they use their influence to persuade others to be against you. If we aren't careful, mean people will consume us. The first aid for "bad blood" is empathy! Walk in their shoes to try to see their perspective on the situation. Empathy helps us see things that otherwise aren't seen, turns our anger into compassion, and helps heal our hurt. West Church | Mooresville, Lake Norman, North Carolina Pastor Andrea Smith