I’m Fine


Why is it that we say we are fine when we aren’t? 

Maybe we don’t want to get into the details. Or we don’t want to burden others or be judged. Or . . . maybe we want to avoid the painful thoughts altogether! 

We live in a culture of “Quiet Quitting.” We don’t give our all anymore because we are spent, we are “done.” In order to rekindle our passion and find our joy, we have to recognize that we aren’t necessarily fine. 

In this message series, we are going to explore the reasons we do it, talk about how we can become vulnerable and be willing to admit where we struggle, learn to exist in the wilderness for a while, and see where our strengths lie so that we can conquer all hurdles that present themselves in our lives. 

Exploring Burnout: Quiet Quitting

A three-week series exploring “Burnout” . . . why it is a real thing, what we can do about it, our spiritual fathers who endured this phenomenon thousands of years ago, and how their faith enabled them to live through it.