Do you have baggage? (The correct answer is, “Uh Yeah, don’t we all?”) But – do you have baggage or do you have some phenomenal luggage? 

Baggage is where you’ve been but luggage is where you are going. 

Life is measured in moments. We each have defining moments in our lives and we typically associate them as moments of peaks and the pitfalls. Far too often we pack our pitfalls away and let them define our journey. We get bogged down by our baggage. 

What if we put our baggage down and grab our luggage? 

Rather than be defined by the pitfalls, what if we focus on creating positive defining moments? 

We have the power to create our own defining moments. They can become the norm rather than the exception. 

Let’s claim the power of . . . 

  • Moments
  • Love
  • Words
  • Prayer
  • People/Presence/Unity/Us
  • Positivity
  • Habits
  • Knowledge
  • Less/Minimalism
  • Letting Go/Forgiveness
  • Subconcious Mind

and create transformational journeys today!