Do You Stop to Take a Breath?
Awhile back, Dawn, Lindsay, Brad, and I had a dialogue about our temperaments’ strengths and weaknesses. We were filming it to share some of our conversation with you during this Sunday’s message.
It was interesting that trying to find the best “edit” spots was tough because I don’t seem to take a breath. I’m sure I did (because I’m still breathing today) . . . but really, there were a few times that finding that “stopping point” was literally impossible because my pauses were so short/small.
Don’t we all wrestle with that sometimes?
We are excited and want to make sure we contribute our thoughts and opinions to the conversation.
We are angry and want to make sure our voice is heard.
We are defensive and want to defend ourselves.
We sense discord in the conversation and want to use our voice to bring peace and harmony.
It is easy to start talking and lose sight of how we are coming across and lose sight of listening.
This weekend in worship, we will talk about our innate strengths and weaknesses according to our temperament.
I’d invite you to look through these and see which ones speak to you.
Sunday, we will share all 20 of the listed strengths and weaknesses that go with each temperament.
Loud Strengths:
Yellow: Magnetic, Inspiring, Encouraging
Red: Responsible, decisive, and good at delegating
Blue: Both analytical and creative
Green: Easygoing, steady, calm, and patient
Loud Weaknesses:
Yellow: Can elaborate too much, exaggerate, speak too loudly, interrupt others
Red: Can argue, dominate, and use a harsh tone
Blue: Can remember the negatives, fear failure, and have low self-esteem
Green: Have a tendency to avoid conflict, disengage, or be too compromising
There are many more for each color, and I Iook forward to exploring those with you on Sunday!


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