Meditation helps us stay present and aware, try it, help, thanks, wow
Have you ever been so busy or have so many different things going through your mind that you are just going through some motions? You were actually pretty UNAWARE of what you were doing?
One day earlier this week I decided I was going to brave the grocery store, still in a search for protein that wasn’t a chicken neck. I started really early that morning. I even had a list (a rarity for me as I’m not a list maker) and was determined this was going to be a quick trip so that I could dive back into work and make it a productive day.
I found hamburger meat so I felt like I had accomplished a giant feat! I finished gathering my groceries, checked out, went to the car, placed them inside and then . . . I noticed there were no carts in the parking lot, so I decided I would take a few extra seconds and take mine back to the store.
I remember thinking, “Should I take my keys?” I decided not to because I would just be gone for a second. I had borrowed a friend’s truck to haul stuff so I MADE SURE I unlocked the door because I didn’t want to lock myself out of the vehicle. I pressed the lock button twice just to make sure I didn’t make a silly mistake.
I quickly returned the cart, went to open the truck door and then that sinking feeling came as the door would not open. It was locked. Long story short, standing there willing the door to magically open didn’t work out. Nor did climbing in the back of the truck to see if the rear window was somehow miraculously left open. On top of it all my phone was locked in the truck and we are in the middle of social distancing so I didn’t want to freak people out by going up to them and asking to use their phone.
After a few hours and some really kind friends who came to bail me out, the problem was solved. When I got back in the truck I looked at the lock button, so confused how I could have locked myself out. Upon second look it was very apparent that the way I pressed the button I was LOCKING the car doors, not unlocking as I thought.
All that happened, all that time and energy wasted by several people, because I was unaware. I was not fully present in the moment, I was simply trying to think about and do too many things at one time.
What does it mean to be fully present? It means we seek awareness. And awareness is an important thing.
There is no doubt that each morning we are seeking knowledge of where we stand in the middle of this health crisis.
How much has the virus spread?
What new restrictions are we facing?
How do we live into this new reality and maintain our sanity?
Hear these words from author Anne Lamott,
“The single most important thing we can do is stop and get off the train of our own obsessive convictions and move into awareness of some sort of presence or the present time, the eternal now — whatever you want to call it — and breathe again. That’s about as prayerful as life gets.”
Today, try to take a few moments and meditate on the following things:
First – Help.
Help me let go of my anxiety around this current situation.
Help me accept the circumstances around me.
Help me . . .
Second – Thanks.
Thanks for good health. Thanks for safety in uncertain times. Thanks for . . .
Third – Wow!
Wow – what a beautiful day! Wow – I have the best friends someone could ask for. Wow – I’m so lucky . . .
Meditate on the words:
See if it doesn’t help you become more fully aware.
We do have much to be grateful for, even in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.
I miss seeing you in person – but look forward to worshiping with you online on Sunday.
Until then . . .
Grace and Peace,