Lunchtime Lift – A Weekday Spiritual Guide

Did you know that you could get a constellation piercing? Yes, that’s a real thing! Either on your ear or another body part, you can have a piercing that looks like your favorite constellation!

Wouldn’t that make a great conversation starter and a perfect lead-in to invite people to your favorite faith community (a.k.a. West)?

Well, odds are we aren’t going to run out and get Orion’s Belt on our earlobes.  But ….. do you have a favorite constellation? One that when you gaze Into the night sky, you recognize it immediately?

For me, it’s the Big Dipper. Maybe it’s because as a little girl I remember looking up in the sky and finding it and I’ve been able to do so ever since.

There’s a comfort that comes in recognizing the stars!

And humans find comfort when they feel loved, cared for, and have what they need.

Sunday in worship we talked about being constellations in our world. Joining together our energy and becoming light for all.

Today, what if the several hundred of us reading this email do a few acts of kindness for someone? We become stars for them and ultimately become a recognizable constellation.

Let someone in front of you in a line at a store.

Hold a door open, smile, and compliment a stranger.

Pay for someone’s meal or coffee behind you in a drive-thru line.

Send a text or email to someone that you’ve been meaning to say kind things to but you get too busy.

DoorDash someone a meal.

After the trash runs, take the neighbor’s can back down their driveway.

Let’s be lights in the world today!

Grace and Peace,