Golf looks like a beautiful sport.

You are outside . . . not a ton of people around you, quiet and serene, beautiful landscape, trees, water, even sand.

Plus, you typically play when the weather is nice.

I have ALWAYS wanted to play golf.

One time a gracious member of Williamson’s Chapel invited me to go with her to play nine holes. Initially, I was disappointed we weren’t going to do all 18. (When I’m going to do something, I like to be “all in.”)

Thank God (and I mean that literally), that was all we had to do.

That tiny little white sphere being hit by a rectangular type object . . . and then being “driven” long distances and supposed to end up in a hole the size of the palm of my hand.

There was nothing beautiful about my experience. And I will never, ever try golf again. It simply is not in my wheelhouse.

BUT . . . it is a tremendously fun sport for others!

AND . . . it is a way for us to support two missions that we lead as a church.

The Back to School Bash is beginning planning for its 13th Bash at

Mooresville Middle on July 29th!


And we are hosting a Golf Tournament at Mallard Head Country Club on the Thursday afternoon before Memorial Day, and ¾ proceeds will go to Bash and ¼ to our Uganda Campus.

AND . . . we really do NEED you!

Sign up to play! “May the Course Be With You!”

Invite a friend to play!

Please email them and ask them to click the link above to sign up!

In true West fashion, we will have some “fun” elements that other tournaments might not have – like the losing team ALSO wins a prize! (I’m sure Jesus would have rewarded those who came in last!)

Get someone or a business to sponsor a hole!

Reply to this message and let me know the info, and I’ll get it down!

Purchase sodas and/or canned beer/beverages and snacks to be given out during play.

The owner of Mallard Head is being SO GRACIOUS with, and for us, we can keep more proceeds by bringing our own “stuff” . . . . so even those of you reading outside of the Mooresville area can contribute.

Donate gift cards that can be used as prizes for the day’s various events!

Email me and let me know “what,” and we’ll coordinate.

Click here to support the tournament costs!

We are excited to begin planning the Bash with the Inspire Our Children Board of Directors. And we are so grateful that Level Up Together (the newest Non-profit West has started) is willing to sponsor the tournament!

If you want to be a part of the Bash Planning, also reply to this email. We will be sharing a lot about this over the next few weeks!

I’m so grateful for each of you!

Now, go enjoy this beautiful Earth Day and give thanks for being a part of a truly amazing Universe!