Do you ever have a tendency to lose things?

You know you “once had it” but you haven’t seen it in quite some time, so it’s easier to consider it lost than to go digging around for it.

Especially if the places we need to go digging are hard to get to, dirty, or so full of junk, by the time you start unpacking it to find what you are looking for you just created ten new projects for yourself to organize all the junk.

Lent is that time in our lives when we need to dig for the stuff we’ve crammed away so far it would be considered lost.

Tomorrow we will be digging into the things that tempt us. They will be different for each of us, and relevant to our worlds.

There’s a reason we need to confront them, however.

Because things that tempt us also lead us from the path best designed for us to live our lives at one with Love.

We get distracted by temptations and ultimately end up missing the mark. We find ourselves chasing happiness, chasing contentment, and missing out on the joy that comes with connection in/with God.

Part of the problem is we don’t realize we are headed down that path until we are already there.

What if we try to figure out what motivates us to be tempted?

What if we dig into the “stuff” we have crammed in our heart, mind, and soul and start throwing out the stuff that doesn’t need to be there?

Jesus was tempted. And he fielded every single one with grace. The same grace that is available to us.

Let’s do the work and get digging.