Hope can be built on the knowledge of promises.

Fulfilled promises, that is.

Think about it . . .

What makes you believe a promise that is made?

Prior knowledge of that person and situations.

If someone has always done their best to “have your back” – when they make promises, it is easy to put trust and hope that they will do what they say they will do.

If it is someone that your relationship with them is a giant roller-coaster, one day it’s up and “all good” and another day you feel like it’s going off the rails, then it’s tough to put hope in them.

Yesterday as we began this new message series, “Bright Spots,” we talked about the history of the Israelite people. How despite years of persecution, wilderness, loneliness, and fear, God was always there. The promises that God made at the beginning of their relationship was the same promise that God gave them throughout their journey.

That same promise was magnified and personified through the person Jesus of Nazareth.

And before his departure from the earthly realm, he gave the same promise again.

“Do not be afraid. For the Lord your God is with you. God will not leave you, nor forsake you.”

As we begin our journey to Advent (which begins Sunday, Dec. 3, and to Christmas) may we start committing these promises to memory. Because at some point we will find ourselves in the middle of a volcano.

It will seem as if all is crumbling around us.

And we will need some hope.

Hope – that is built on promises fulfilled.

We are not alone.

We do not have to be afraid.

God is within us.

Take a few moments to connect to that presence of God that lies within you, today!

Grace and Peace,