Loyalty – A strong feeling of allegiance. Staying true to someone or something even when there are distractions or other things call attention.
Strong relationships are marked by loyalty!
Surely we all have relationships in our lives where loyalty is at the center!
I’m not sure if it is because I am an only child or what, but friendships are a really big deal to me. They always have been since I have been old enough to consciously process what they are.
Over the years I’ve been blessed with some amazing people that have crossed my path and become forever friends. They’ve helped raise our children, loved us/me through difficult seasons, and frankly – been willing to follow my leadership so that we could launch a faith community that would do “church” differently.
However, over the years not every friendship has gone seamlessly. Some friends moved, some died, and some – merely faded away. Those were the ones that brought the biggest angst because in my mind, friendship meant loyalty.
What did I do that caused the loyalty to waiver?
The measure of our love for those in our lives is not where we stand with them in times of comfort and convenience. Instead, the measure of our love is shown during times of adversity and challenge.
It’s about loyalty.
How can we show loyalty today?